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Sunday, 24 September 2017

‘Wood Warblers’ – John Mallord + AGM

Friday, 6 October 2017 - 7:30pm
United Reform Church, Lowther Street, Penrith CA11 7UW

The AGM will be held at Penrith United Reformed Church on Friday 6th October 2017 at 7.30pm. The business of the AGM is intended to be as brief as possible and will be followed by a talk by John Mallord on Wood Warblers..

‘Investigating the declines of Wood Warblers across the African-Eurasian flyway’ - Dr John Mallord.

Growing up in London and spending my formative birding years on the outskirts of the capital and in East Anglia, Wood Warblers were an unfamiliar sight (and sound) to me. However, this has become increasingly true for more people across the country, as the population of this species declined dramatically over the last two decades. But as a result of this dire situation, Wood Warblers have become a constant companion, as since 2009 I have lead research for the RSPB studying their ecology and trying to understand what has driven the alarming declines, and how we might go about reversing them. I will tell you about work we have been conducting both in the UK and Africa, the landscapes they like, what they eat and what eats them, and other wildlife they share their homes with, from foxes and squirrels to elephants and baboons. Finally, linking the two continents, we have fitted tracking devices to birds to learn, for the first time, where ‘our’ birds go for the winter, and hopefully we may have just analysed the results......

Dr John Mallord, Senior Conservation Scientist, RSPB

Wood Warbler, Kakum Ghana, 1st Feb, John Mallord