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Monday, 24 November 2014

Survey Opportunities

Wetland Bird Survey

The Wetland Bird Survey monitors the status of waterbirds in the UK. It is run by the BTO, RSPB, JNCC and WWT and is administered by the BTO. Waterbodies are counted once monthly on or near an appointed date. In Cumbria we have good coverage of sites with most coastal sections and major inland waters counted. However there are vacancies some of which are of higher priority than others. These are listed in the links below.

The ability to identify waterfowl and a telescope are all that is needed for the survey. Counting on the coast requires more experience as larger numbers of species, more birds and observations at greater distances are involved.

If you think you can help contact Dave Shackleton on 01931 713693.  He will put you in touch with the appropriate local organiser.


Goosander, River Derwent, Steve DuttonCBC Wintering Goosander survey 2013/14

The 1990/91 Goosander survey found a minimum of 735 birds present in Cumbria representing more than 10% of the estimated wintering Goosander population in Britain.

During the last two decades it has been apparent that there have been significant changes in local populations, roosting sites and habitat preferences in many parts of the county. Furthermore, increasing pressure from fishing interests for licences to cull Goosanders has highlighted the need to update out knowledge of the current status of the species.

The new survey will aim to cover all the main river systems, lakes and estuaries in Cumbria with counts in November, January and March coinciding, as far as possible, with the dates of the Wetland Bird Survey.

At this stage in the planning of the project, the CBC Goosander sub-committee is appealing for volunteers to act as local organisers co-ordinating fieldwork in individual drainage basins (e.g. Duddon, Derwent, Esk and Lyne etc).

If you can help please contact Malcolm Priestley by e-mail , by post (Havera Bank, Howgill Lane, Sedbergh LA10 5HB) or by telephone 015396 20104.