Cumbria Bird Club

Cumbria is an excellent county for bird watching: the Lake District, superb coasts and estuaries, woods and fast-flowing rivers, up to Pennine moors.

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  • 21-Jun: Spoonbill - 1 Hodbarrow
  • 21-Jun: Spoonbill - 1 Hodbarrow
  • 20-Jun: Spoonbill - 2 Haverigg
  • 19-Jun: Rose-coloured Starling - 1 Whitehaven
  • 16-Jun: Spoonbill - 1 Hodbarrow
  • 16-Jun: Bee-eater - 1 St Bees Head
  • 13-Jun: Spoonbill - 1 Haverigg
  • 12-Jun: Great White Egret - 3 Arnside

Birds and Wildlife in Cumbria annual County Natural History Report The Cumbria Bird Club runs events throughout the year, conducts important survey work and produces annual bird reports. We are working on a new county avifauna based on the BTO Bird Atlas survey. Please help out with any on-going surveys in the county.

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St Bees Head - Cumbria's major cliff nesting seabird colony
St Bees Head Seabird monitoring plots