Week commencing Monday 14th December 2020

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For week commencing Monday 14th December 2020


14th December


The Ross’s Goose that frequented Cardurnock, Rockcliffe and Skinburness Marshes until 3rd April 2011 returned to frequent Burgh Marsh, Rockcliffe Marsh and Cardurnock on this day in 2011 remaining until 19th April 2012, a drake Green-winged Teal found at Hodbarrow on 30th November 2003 was last seen on this day in 2003, it was the ninth Cumbrian record, a Bittern was found at Longtown GP in 1986 and a Firecrest was seen at Ulpha Meadows in  2015.


15th December


The Black Brant found in April 2014, now an adult, returned to winter at Snab Point, Walney in 2017, it remained until 1st April 2018, a first-winter Glossy Ibis at Blackdyke, Arnside in 2011 was the sixth Cumbrian record and the 11th individual, an adult Ring-billed Gull  at Anthorn in 2004 was the ninth Cumbrian record and three Shore Larks were seen at South Walney in 1981 they comprised the 15th Cumbrian record and were the 18th to 20th individuals.


16th December


A Bittern was seen on Esthwaite Water (SD39) in 1993 and an Arctic Redpoll trapped and ringed at Dalston in 1995 was the first Cumbrian record.


17th December


A flock of 23 Tundra Bean Geese at Calvo Marsh in 2011 were part of the influx of that year, a drake Green-winged Teal on Siddick Pond was first seen on 21st October in 2007, it was the 15th Cumbrian record, Great White Egrets were found at Kents Bank in 2009 and on Campfield Marsh in 2011, the latter wintered up to 15th April 2012 and was the 22nd Cumbrian record, an Avocet was seen at Allonby in 1963 it was the seventh Cumbrian record, a juvenile Gyr Falcon was seen at South Walney and at Rampside in 1983, these were the seventh and eighth Cumbrian records, a Ring-necked Parakeet was seen at Vickerstown, Barrow in 2007 and a Great Grey Shrike seen near Newbiggin, Eskmeals in 2009 was the 14th Cumbrian record this century.


18th December


The drake Ring-necked Duck first found on Ullswater on 24th October 2006 was seen there again on this day in 2006, a Great White Egret frequented the Kents Bank/Humphrey Head area in 2011 until 11th February 2012, a Common Crane was seen at Newton Arlosh in 2005 it was the 26th  Cumbrian record, a Siberian Chiffchaff was claimed at Dalston in 2000 but no description was submitted therefore no accepted records existed up to and including this date and a Water Pipit at South Walney in 1981 was the sixth Cumbrian record.


19th December


A Great White Egret at Anthorn in 2016 was probably the bird that was first seen at Campfield on 4th December 2016, first-winter Iceland Gulls were found on Cavendish Dock in 2007 and on the pools at Soddy Gap (NY03R) in 2008 and a Lapland Bunting seen at Borwick Rails in 1987 was the 19th Cumbrian record.


20th December


A Bittern was found at Nethertown (NY00) in 1988 it remained until 28th December and a Richard’s Pipit lingered at South Walney in 1980 until 1st February 1981 it was the eighth Cumbrian record.



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