Week commencing Monday 18th January 2021

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 For week commencing Monday 18th January 2021


18th January


A female Red-crested Pochard was seen at Greenodd (SD38) in 1995 it was the 12th Cumbrian record, the long staying drake Ring-necked Duck at Killington in 1993 visited nearby Whinfell Tarn on this day and the next, it was the tenth Cumbrian record, the first-winter drake Lesser Scaup (see 12th and 16th January) appeared on Talkin Tarn and remained intermittently until 20th February 2003, a Black-throated Diver was seen off Whitehaven in 2004, a Bittern was seen at Siddick Pond in 2002, a first-winter Iceland Gull was seen at Moss Bay, Workington in 1997 and another first-winter Iceland Gull was found at Sellafield in 2004, these were approximately the 45th and 60th Cumbrian records


19th January


A Black-necked Grebe was seen on Windermere in 2007 it was the 14th Cumbrian record this century and a Lapland Bunting was seen on Green Road, Duddon estuary in 1991 it was the 27th Cumbrian record.


20th January


A Black-throated Diver was seen off Biggar Bank in 2009, a Rough-legged Buzzard frequented the Tindale/Denton Fell areas until 25th January 2006 it was the 22nd Cumbrian record since 1974, a Common Crane remained at Wolsty until 25th January in 1980 it was the third Cumbrian record, a good showing of first-winter Iceland Gulls with one that wintered in the Tarns Dub area until 27th March 1991, two at Sellafield in 2000 and one on Parton beach in 2002, the 27th, 56th and 58th Cumbrian records, a Great Grey Shrike was located at Kershope Forest (NY58) in 2008 and a Shore Lark first seen in the Helvellyn range on 4th December 2016 was relocated on Nethermost Pike this day and the 21st.


21st January


A female Ring-necked Duck was found on Siddick Pond in 2017 it was the 35th Cumbrian record and only the third record of a duck, a drake Ring-necked Duck took up residence at Tindale Tarn (NY65E) until 30th January 2019 this was the 36th Cumbrian record, an inland adult Iceland Gull seen near the Low Wood Hotel, Windermere in 1994 was a particularly nice record because usually immatures birds are the norm and it was the 41st Cumbrian record, a Great Grey Shrike remained in the Soddy Gap area (NY03R) until 28th  March 2017.


22nd January


A first-winter Red-breasted Goose seen in the Drumburgh Marsh/Cardurnock area it was the eighth Cumbrian record, a Grey Phalarope remained in the Millerground area on Windermere until 25th January in 1979 it was the second Cumbrian record since 1974 and a Chough seen on Walney Island in 2005 was the first Cumbrian record this century.


23rd January


The well-travelled drake Ring-necked Duck in the Kendal area was present on Ratherheath Tarn remaining until 26th January 1996 it was the 22nd Cumbrian record, a Grey Phalarope remained at Slape Scar, Windermere (SD39Y) until 27th January 2006, a Chough located on St Bees Head was probably the same bird seen at Walney Island the previous day it remained in the area until 30th March 2005 it was the second Cumbrian record this century.


24th January


A drake Green-winged Teal was seen at Hodbarrow in 2011 it was the 19th Cumbrian record, an adult drake Ring-necked Duck took up residence on Grasmere until 30th March 2006 it was the 27th  Cumbrian record, a Black-necked Grebe settled on a small pond near Lindal-in-Furness (SD27M) it remained until 7th February 2018, the first-winter Glossy Ibis first seen at Black Dyke Moss on 15th December 2011 was seen again on this day and remained until 26th April 2012 it was the sixth Cumbrian record, a Bittern was seen at South Walney in 1984, a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker was seen at Birds Park, Kendal in 1991 it was the first Cumbrian record of the 90’s, a male Bearded Tit was seen in the Cavendish Dock reed bed on this day in 1999, it remained until 8th February 1999 and it was the sixth Cumbrian record since 1978 and the 29th individual bird and a Shore Lark was found at South Walney in 1984 it was the 16th Cumbrian record.



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