Week commencing Monday 21st December 2020

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 For week commencing Monday 21st  December 2020


21st December


A Bittern was seen at Siddick Pond on this day in 1986, it remained until 27th February 1987 and an adult Iceland Gull was seen at South Walney in 1963, it was the eighth Cumbrian record.


22nd December


A Bittern first found at Siddick Pond on 30th October 2010 was last seen on this day in 2010, a first-winter Iceland Gull was seen on Flusco refuse tip near Penrith in 1990 it wintered until 14th February 1991 and was the 24th Cumbrian record and a Water Pipit was seen on ten dates from 25th October 2014 until this date in 2014.


23rd December


A Bittern was seen on Tindale Tarn in 2012, an adult Ring-billed Gull was found at Rampside in 1984 was the second Cumbrian record, a first-winter Iceland Gull on Ullswater in 1990 was presumably the same bird seen at Flusco refuse tip (see above) it was the 25th Cumbrian record as many as four Water Pipits were to be found in the flooded fields at Biggar Bank in 2009.


24th December


A first-winter Barred Warbler was photographed attending a bird table in Kendal in 1990 it was the 19th Cumbrian record and a Richard’s Pipit at Sandscale Haws in 1986 still present the next day was the 11th Cumbrian record.


25th December


A Bittern found on Urswick Tarn remained until 31st December 2009, a juvenile Night Heron stayed overnight at Little Salkeld in 1995 it was the 16th  Cumbrian record and a Great Grey Shrike was seen on Thwaites Fell (SD18U) in 2010 it was the 23rd Cumbrian record since 1994.


 26th December


A Great Snipe shot near Brampton in 1953 was the 13th Cumbrian record.


 27th December


A drake Red-crested Pochard on Urswick Tarn (SD27) in 1991 was the eighth Cumbrian record and the 11th individual bird, a drake Ring-necked Duck first found on the River Kent in Kendal on 25th November 1992 toured the area visiting various southern waters up to 1996, it was seen on this day in 1995 again on the River Kent in Kendal and it was the 21st Cumbrian record and the third individual bird, a Great White Egret at Braystones (NY0006) in 2010 was the 15th Cumbrian record, an adult Red Kite was found in the Lorton valley (NY12) in 1990 and again on 3rd January 1991 it was the 14th Cumbrian record since 1969 and pre-dated the Grizedale releases.



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