Week commencing Monday 23rd November 2020

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For week commencing Monday 23rd November 2020


23rd November


A Black-throated Diver was seen off Hodbarrow in 2013, it was the 16th Cumbrian record of the 21st Century, two Cattle Egrets settled in with the stock at Whasset (SD59A) and remained until 29th November 2008 these were the eighth Cumbrian record and the seventh and eighth individual birds and a Water Pipit was found on the marshes at Bassenthwaite Lake in 1989 it was the 15th Cumbrian record.


24th November


The Black Brant first seen in April 2013 returned to Rampside as an adult to spend its second winter in the area, a drake Ring-necked Duck was found on Tarnhouse Tarn (NY7503) in 2006 it was thought to be the same bird as that seen on Ullswater and it was the 30th Cumbrian record, a Great Grey Shrike was found at Knipe Fold, Ambleside (SD3499) in 2014 it was the 30th Cumbrian record since 1997.


25th November


A flock of 76 Tundra Bean Geese was located at Black Dyke, Silloth in 2011 they were part of an exceptional national influx of this species and they remained in the area until 28th November, two Egyptian Geese were seen at Foulshaw Marsh in 2018 these constituted the 20th Cumbrian record and the 22nd and 23rd individual birds, a drake Ring-necked Duck was on the River Kent in Kendal in 1992 it was the seventh Cumbrian record, an adult Iceland Gull was seen off Biggar Bank in 2007 it was the 63rd Cumbrian record, a Firecrest frequented the central marsh at South Walney in 2006, a Water Pipit seen at Sellafield in 1987 was the 14th Cumbrian record and four Water Pipits were present on Walney Island in 2010 c. the 25th Cumbrian record.


26th November


A Great White Egret frequented the Ravenglass estuary in 2016, a Rough-legged Buzzard was seen near Dalston (NY35) in 1988 it was the 13th Cumbrian record since 1974, a Richard’s Pipit was found at Plumpton Bight (SD37E)in 2005 it was still there the following day and was the 23rd Cumbrian record, a Water Pipit was seen at Rampside in 2010 and a male Lapland Bunting found at Dalston in 1988 was the 21st Cumbrian record and the 21st individual bird.


27th November


A Taiga Bean Goose seen on Rockcliffe Marsh in 2000 this was the fourth Cumbrian record since 1993, a male Bearded Tit was at Lakeside, Windermere in 1994 it was the fifth Cumbrian record since 1978.


28th November


Six Tundra Bean Geese were present in the Lyth Valley near Brigsteer in 2011, two Bitterns were seen at Siddick Pond in 2012, an immature Sabine’s Gull seen at South Walney in 1980 was the fifth Cumbrian record, a Great Grey Shrike was seen at Kershope Forest in 2016 it was the 34th Cumbrian record since 1997, two Shore Larks were found on Grune Point in 1976 these constituted the 13th Cumbrian record and were the 13th and 14th individual birds and a Firecrest was seen on several dates at Roanhead, Sandscale up to 12th December 2002.


29th November


Two Lapland Buntings were seen at South Walney in 1990 these included the individual previously seen on 7th November, this was the 26th Cumbrian record and the 30th individual bird.


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