Week commencing Monday 29th March 2021

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For week commencing Monday 29th March 2021


29th March


The wintering drake Green-winged Teal first seen at Campfield Marsh in November 2008 was last seen on this date in 2009 it was approximately the 14th Cumbrian record, the drake Ferruginous Duck first seen on 14th March 1989 at Brothers Water that wintered every year up to 1995 was last recorded on this date in 1995, the drake Ring-necked Duck that was wintering in the Kendal area frequented Whinfell Tarn up to 25th April 1994, a Bittern was seen at Parsonby (NY13) in 1988 and two Great Grey Shrikes were seen at Dalton Crags in 2009, the 17th Cumbrian record since 1994.


30th March


The adult drake Ring-necked Duck first found on Grasmere on 24th January was last seen on this date in 2006 it was the 27th Cumbrian record, a White Stork was seen at Penton (NY47) and nearby at Roadhead the next day in 1998 these are the 20th and 21st Cumbrian records, a Bittern was seen at Bassenthwaite Marsh in 2002, a Red Kite was seen over Kendal in 1996, the Rough-legged Buzzard first seen on Ashfell (NY70) on 27th January 1980 was last seen on this day, it was the sixth Cumbrian record since 1974, a Common Crane was seen flying from South Walney and east across Morecambe Bay in 2014 it was the 29th Cumbrian record, the Chough first seen at St Bees Head on 23rd January 2005 was last seen on this date it was the second record this century and a Firecrest was at South Walney in 2011.


31st March


The Black Brant returned to winter in the Walney area on 10th November 2018 where it remained until this day in 2019, a second-winter Iceland Gull was found at Wet Sleddale Reservoir in 1996 it was approximately the 43rd Cumbrian record, a male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker was found in Levens Park in 1992, a Great Grey Shrike was found at Waterhead Common, Spadeadam (NY66E) in 2016 it was the 16th record of the decade and at least two Water Pipits were seen at Bassenthwaite Marsh in 1990 and one was seen on the Irt Estuary in 1991.



1st April


The adult Black Brant returned to Snab Point, Walney on 15th December 2017 it remained until this date in 2018, the Taiga Bean Goose first found on Green Road Marsh, Millom on 27th March 1993 was last seen on this date it was the first Cumbrian Record of the 90’s, an Egyptian Goose first found on Haverbrack Pond (SD48V) on 23rd February 2009 was last seen on this date it was the 17th Cumbrian record, a drake Smew was located on Derwent Water on 13th January 2018 it remained until this date,  an adult Rough-legged Buzzard was seen at Haweswater in 1974 was the first modern day record, a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker was seen at Powter Howe, Bassenthwaite NNR in 1996 and Water Pipits were seen on Loughrigg Fell in 1979 and up to four wintering at Biggar Bank where they were joined by a fifth individual on this date in 2010.


2nd April


The wintering drake Ring-necked Duck was seen intermittently on the River Kent in the Kendal area for its second winter appeared at Killington Reservoir on 19th March 1995 remaining until this date, a Red Kite was seen at Ennerdale (NY11) in 1996 it remained overnight and was the eighth Cumbrian record of the 90’s pre-dating the Grizedale releases, a Spotted Crake was found near Silverdale Moss but just inside Cumbria in 2019, it was the third Cumbrian record this century, the Kentish Plover seen on North Walney appeared at Sandscale Haws on 20th March remaining until this date in 1994 it was the third Cumbrian record, a Hoopoe found on Walney Island in 2005 was the fifth Cumbrian record of the century and a Water Pipit was seen at Riggindale, Haweswater in 1980.


3rd April


An adult Ross’s Goose wintered on Brough and Rockcliffe Marshes from 5th October 2010 until this date in 2011, it was the second Cumbrian record of this Category ‘D’ species, a Tundra Bean Goose was seen with the Barnacle Geese on Rockcliffe Marsh in 1992 this was the second Cumbrian record in the 1990’s, a Tundra Bean Goose was found at Salt Cotes (NY1853) remaining until 4th April 2004 it was the 5th Cumbrian record, a drake Green-winged Teal seen at Campfield Marsh remained until 15th May 2006, it was approximately the 14th Cumbrian record, a second-winter Iceland Gull frequented the Old Sandsfield to Carr Beds area until 18th April 2018, a Firecrest was found on Walney Island in 2008 and a female Lapland Bunting was found at Rampside in 1988 this was the 20th Cumbrian record and the 21st individual bird.



4th April


 An adult Tundra Bean Goose was seen with Pink-footed Geese at Whitrigg, near Kirkbride in 2010 it was the first Cumbrian record of the decade, a drake Ring-necked Duck was at Birds Park Reservoir, Kendal in 1993, an immature Night Heron found at Thurstonfield Lough in 1976 was the 11th Cumbrian record, a male Montagu’s Harrier was seen at Claife heights, Windermere in 1978, the next Cumbrian record was in 1981 with none since then so long overdue now, a Red Kite was at Tarnflatt, St Bees Head in 1987, this was the ninth Cumbrian record since 1969 and pre-dated the Grizedale releases, a first-winter Iceland Gull seen near Silloth in 1993 was approximately the 36th Cumbrian record, a Wryneck was seen in Holme Wood, Loweswater in 1989 it was the 13th Cumbrian record of the 80’s, a pair of Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers were seen together in Levens Park in 1992.


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