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For week commencing Monday 31st  May 2021



31st May

An adult Long-tailed Skua was seen at South Walney in 1993, a Turtle Dove was located at Cardurnock in 1995, four Ring-necked Parakeets turned up in Keswick in 1997, a singing male Golden Oriole was a nice find at Culgaith, Penrith (NY62E) in 2010 it was the second Cumbrian record this century, an adult Rose-coloured Starling remained at Tebay until 2nd June in 2018 was the 11th Cumbrian record this century and a Cumbrian first in the form of a male Common Rosefinch at Allersteads near Lanercost in 1984 which remained until 3rd June.

1st June


A first-summer Spoonbill was seen flying south at Killington Reservoir in 1996 it was found dead below electricity wires on 6th June, two Spoonbills remained at Campfield Marsh until 3rd June in 1997, an immature Night Heron was found at Watercrook, Kendal staying until 20th July in 1987, a Corncrake remained at Moresby (NX92) until 14th June in 1976,  a Roseate Tern was located at Rockcliffe Marsh in 1997, a Turtle Dove was at North Walney in 1994 and an adult female Serin in the observatory garden at South Walney in 2017 was the sixth Cumbrian record.


2nd June


A Red-crested Pochard at Hodbarrow in 2002 was considered an escape, a sub-ad Common Crane remained at Campfield Marsh until 14th July in 2003 was presumed to be the returning bird from 2002, it was approximately the 19th Cumbrian record, a Turtle Dove was located at Arnside in 1991,  Honey Buzzards were seen over Kentrigg, Kendal and Geltsdale in 2020 , a Wryneck frequented Muncaster Castle in 1976 and another Wryneck was found at Ickenthwaite (SD38J) in 1982, a Woodchat Shrike remained on North Walney until 7th June in 1984 was the second Cumbrian record after a gap of 102 years and an adult male Collared Flycatcher that was found dead at Eskmeals in 1964 remains the only Cumbrian record.


3rd June


A summer-plumaged Black-throated Diver was photographed on Hayeswater Reservoir (NY41G) in 2014, a White Stork that remained at Sebergham and Brocklebank until 6th June in 1979 was the ninth Cumbrian record, three Temminck’s Stints were seen on Roosecote Marsh in 1963 this was the eighth Cumbrian record, a male Red-necked Phalarope found on Campfield Marsh 1999 was the 34th Cumbrian record, a Bridled Tern remained on Foulney until 5th June in 1994 this remains the only Cumbrian record, a Roseate Tern was found at Hodbarrow in 1993, a Bee-eater over Willow Woods North Walney in 1997 was the fifth Cumbrian record it was found by a lucky observer who was  looking for the Golden Oriole and a male Syke’s Wagtail at South Walney Until 5th June in 1990 remains the only Cumbrian record of this race of ‘flava’ wagtail.


4th June


An escaped Bufflehead was seen on Bassenthwaite Lake in 2016, a Spotted Sandpiper remained at Longtown until 6th June in 1986 this was the first Cumbrian record, Roseate Terns were found at South Walney in 1999 and at Hodbarrow in 2000, a Turtle Dove at Church Moss (NY0105) in 2004, a Hoopoe that graced a birders garden at Beetham (SD47Z) in 2011 was the 11th Cumbrian record this century, a Greenish Warbler trapped and ringed at South Walney in 2012 was the fifth Cumbrian record,  a male Subalpine Warbler near Drigg in 2015 was the fourth Cumbrian record and a pair of Common Rosefinches reared three young near Warwick Bridge (NY45) staying until 11th July in 1998 this was the first breeding record and the sixth occurrence for Cumbria.


5th June


An adult Pectoral Sandpiper was seen at Snab Point, Walney in 2012, an adult Roseate Tern was seen off Newbiggin (SD26) in 1992, a Turtle Dove was located at Kirkbride in 2001 and a male Golden Oriole was found at Oxen Park (SD38) in 1997 it was the 33rd Cumbrian record.


6th June


An Egyptian Goose remained at Halforth until 13th June in 2007 it was the 13th Cumbrian record, a drake Ring-necked Duck remained on Cavendish Dock until 8th June in 1989, this bird frequented Coniston Water from January to April 1989 and was the fifth Cumbrian record, the Brothers Water Ferruginous Duck last seen on 23rd April 1993 re-appeared on this day in 1993, a Cory’s Shearwater off North Walney in 1985 was the fourth Cumbrian record, a first-summer Squacco Heron remained at South Walney until 11th June in 2002 was only the second ever record, the first was in June 1845, a Corncrake was calling near Mungrisedale (NY35) in 1988, a Roseate Tern was found at Hodbarrow in 1993, an immature male Golden Oriole located in Docker Wood, Kendal in 1975 was the 18th Cumbrian record and a male Subalpine Warbler found at South Walney in 1986 was the first Cumbrian record.






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