Week commencing Monday 5th July 2021

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For week commencing Monday 5th July 2021


5th July

A Cory’s Shearwater seen off South Walney in 1990 was the 11th Cumbrian record and the 13th individual bird, a Common Crane was seen between Calvo Marsh and Salt Cotes (NY15) staying until 12th August in 1992 it was the eighth Cumbrian record, an adult Yellow-legged Gull was located at Sandside in 2000 it was the 13th Cumbrian record and two adult Roseate Terns put in an appearance at Hodbarrow in 1992.


6th July

A sad little female Ruddy Duck was found at Hodbarrow it remained until 14th July in 2013, following the infamous cull if one turned up now it would be classed as a vagrant, an adult and a juvenile Spoonbill looked quite at home at Newbiggin Viaduct, Eskmeals (SD09X) in 2008, a Common Crane that appeared in Borrowdale in 2004 was considered to be the same bird that temporarily resided mainly at North Plain Farm and was the 23rd Cumbrian record and a male Golden Oriole seen at Aldingham (SD26) in 1993 was the 31st Cumbrian record.


7th July

An adult Spoonbill remained at South Walney until 30th July in 1993 it was the 23rd Cumbrian record, a Corncrake near Brampton in 1981 was earlier heard there on 26th May, an adult Roseate Tern seen at Hodbarrow in 1991 was the fourth Cumbrian record of the 1990’s, an unseasonal Long-tailed Skua turned up at South Walney in 1995, a Turtle Dove feeding with Collared Doves  in a town garden in Kendal in 2008 was only the tenth Cumbrian record this century, a Hobby was seen near Askham, Penrith in 1979 and Red-backed Shrikes found at St Bees Head in 1974 and at Howtown, Martindale (NY41P) in 1979 were the third and fifth Cumbrian records since 1969.


8th July

Bizarrely, a Nightjar roosted beneath the wardens caravan on Foulney Island in 1991, Hobbies were seen at Haweswater in 2003 and Carlisle in 2014 and a pair of Golden Orioles took up residence at Wet Sleddale until 14th August in 1965 becoming the 14th Cumbrian record.


9th July

Great Shearwaters were seen from St Bees Head in 1974 and 1990, these were the first, eighth and last Cumbrian records to date, a Stone Curlew at Ravenglass in 1988 was the seventh Cumbrian record and the ninth individual bird, an adult Roseate Tern visited Hodbarrow in 2005 it was the 16th Cumbrian record since 1990, a Long-tailed Skua was offshore at Silloth in 2003 and a Hobby was seen around Tindale in 2013.


10th July

A Spoonbill on Soddy Gap Pools (NY03R) stayed overnight in 2012  it was the 59th Cumbrian record and a Nightjar was heard ‘churring’ near Egremont in 1990.


11th July

This was a good day for White-winged Black Terns, an adult located at Burgh-by-Sands (NY35E) remained until 13th July in 1987 and a second-summer bird at Port Carlisle until 22nd July in 2001 these were the second and sixth Cumbrian records, the latter was the seventh individual bird, Hobbies were seen at Foulshaw Moss in 2011 and at Thacka Beck in 2011 and a male Dartford Warbler found at Hillock Whins, Walney Island in 1994 was the first Cumbrian record.


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