Week commencing Monday 7th June 2021

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For week commencing Monday 7th June 2021


7th June

Three Spoonbills were seen flying east along the southern shore of Walney in 2009 this was the 53rd Cumbrian record, a Bittern was seen at Whinfell Tarn in 1980, an adult Red-necked Phalarope was found at Sunbiggin Tarn in 2009, a Nightjar was seen flying over the A590 near Witherslack in 2016, a Wryneck was seen near Embleton High Common (NY12T) in 2019 it was the seventh Cumbrian record this century, Red-backed Shrikes were seen at Little Mell Fell in 1969 and an adult male was found in an unusual location near the summit of The Knott (NY41G) in 2007, these were the first and 20th Cumbrian records since 1935; an adult Rose-coloured Starling remained at Flookburgh until the 8th June 2017 before moving to Wood Broughton (SD38V) on the same date in 2017, these were the ninth and tenth Cumbrian records since 1991.


8th June

An Egyptian Goose found on Rockliffe Marsh in 2002 was the sixth Cumbrian record, a Black Stork at Brampton in 2006 was the fifth Cumbrian record, a Turtle Dove was seen on Walney Island in 2020 was the 13th Cumbrian record this century, three Spoonbills remained at South Walney until 11th June in 1982, this was the 14th Cumbrian record, a Whiskered Tern that was seen on Rockcliffe Marsh before moving to Linstock on 9th  June in 1987 constituted the second and third Cumbrian records, a flock of four Bee-eaters were seen at Sizergh Castle in 1981 this was only the second Cumbrian record, a first-summer male Red-footed Falcon at Nenthead in 1992 was the fifth county record with none seen since and an adult Red-breasted Flycatcher at South Walney in 1984 was the fifth county record.


9th June

A drake Ring-necked Duck located to North Walney in 1989 after leaving Cavendish Dock, it was the sixth Cumbrian record, a Sooty Shearwater seen off Biggar Bank, Walney in 2012 was the 34th and most recent Cumbrian record, an adult Spoonbill that flew east at Bowness-on-Solway in 2002 was the 38th Cumbrian record, a female Lesser Spotted Woodpecker was seen twice at Haverthwaite (SD38) in 2002, on this day and again on 24th June, a male Red-backed Shrike was at Humphrey Head in 1990, it was the ninth Cumbrian record since 1969, a singing Greenish Warbler seen and heard at Arnside in 1992 was the first Cumbrian record, an adult Rose-coloured Starling seen at Cleator Moor in 2006 was the sixth Cumbrian record since 1991.


10th June

A drake King Eider at South Walney that remained until 23rd June in 1979 was the first Cumbrian record, a Sooty Shearwater seen off Biggar Bank, Walney in 1978 was the fourth Cumbrian record, two sub-adult Common Cranes at Dormanstead Farm, Bolton Fell (NY4868) remained until 18th July in 2009, this was approximately the 28th Cumbrian record, a Turtle Dove remained at Ulverston (SD37) until 13th June in 1994, Red-backed Shrikes were found at Grune Point in 1983 and at South Walney in 2000, a female, these were the seventh and 17th Cumbrian records since 1969, single adult Rose-coloured Starlings were seen at Walton,Brampton in 2018, at Groffa Crag, Ulverston and at South Walney in 2020 the latter remaining until 21st June, these were the 12th , 14th and 15th Cumbrian records this century.


11th June

Two Avocets were seen on Ulpha Meadows in 2011, this was approximately the 42nd Cumbrian record since the first one in 1934, Hobbies  were seen at Geltsdale in 2009 and  Scaleby Moss in 2014, a Turtle Dove remained at Millom until 14th June in 1996 and a Pectoral Sandpiper remained overnight at Roosecote Marsh in 1963, it was the third Cumbrian record.


12th June

The fifth Cumbrian record of Cory’s Shearwater was seen offshore at North Walney in 1985, a Corncrake was heard at Heads Nook (NY45) in 1998, Hobbies were found at Longtown in 2006 and at Tindale Tarn in 2014 and a female Red-backed Shrike at Snab Point, Walney in 1995 was the 14th Cumbrian record since 1969.


13th June

A Long-tailed Skua was seen off  South Walney in 1985 and a Corncrake remained on territory near Isel Bridge (NY13) until 14th July in 1987.




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