Monthly Reports

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  • October 2012
    Monday, 1 October 2012 to Wednesday, 31 October 2012
    Highlights: Two vagrant Canada Geese, both potential county firsts, were found associating with Barnacle Geese on the Inner Solway as a Richardson’s Canada Goose at Whitrigg (25th-26th) was, amazingly, followed by a Todd’s Canada Goose at nearby Cardurnock (27th). An adult American Golden Plover at Cardurnock (26th) was considered to be one of the birds seen at Drumburgh in September, while an adult at nearby Longcroft (27th) then Cardurnock (28th) was, remarkably, a new bird, the third of the autumn. At the opposite end of the county, Cumbria’s second Cetti’s Warbler was found at North Scale, Walney Island (28th-29th). Meanwhile, last year’s long-staying Great White Egret returned to Campfield Marsh (from 10th).
  • September 2012
    Saturday, 1 September 2012 to Sunday, 30 September 2012

    Highlights: A spectacular array of Nearctic waders dominated the month with a brief Pectoral Sandpiper at Kents Bank (17th) followed by an adult American Golden Plover that frequented the Inner Solway between Bowness-on-Solway and Drumburgh (18th-26th), single Buff-breasted Sandpipers at Selker (19th) and Walney Island (19th-21st), a Long-billed Dowitcher at Drumburgh Marsh (27th) and then, amazingly, another adult American Golden Plover at Drumburgh (28th). From the east came a Yellow-browed Warbler at Westfield Point near Barrow-in-Furness (25th).

  • August 2012 Sightings
    Wednesday, 1 August 2012 to Friday, 31 August 2012
    Melodious Warbler, Walney, Tony Phizacklea
    Melodious Warbler, Walney, Tony Phizacklea

    Highlights: A Melodious Warbler found at Snab Point, Walney Island (19th) was the first in the county since 2003.

  • July 2012 Sightings
    Sunday, 1 July 2012 to Tuesday, 31 July 2012

    Bassenthwaite Lake: The Osprey pair successfully fledged their single chick. A flock of 20 Crossbills was seen at Dodd Wood.

  • June 2012 Sightings
    Friday, 1 June 2012 to Saturday, 30 June 2012
    Greenish Warbler, Walney.
    Greenish Warbler, Walney.
  • May 2012 Sightings
    Tuesday, 1 May 2012 to Thursday, 31 May 2012
    Long-billed Dowitcher, Hodbarrow, Ian Kinley
    Long-billed Dowitcher, Hodbarrow, Ian Kinley

    Highlights: Hodbarrow hosted Cumbria’s first Black-winged Stilt (28th) and sixth Long-billed Dowitcher (9th-12th). Elsewhere, a Black Kite flew west over Gilpin Bridge near

  • April 2012
    Sunday, 1 April 2012 to Monday, 30 April 2012

    Highlights: Three Glossy Ibises briefly visited Campfield Marsh (28th) while the Leighton Moss bird made occasional forays into the county, appearing near Arnside (18th & 25th-26th). The Great White Egret remained at Campfield Marsh (to 11th). A Hoopoe was reportedly photographed near Stainton (15th).

  • March 2012
    Thursday, 1 March 2012 to Saturday, 31 March 2012
    Lesser Snow Goose, Lessonhall, Darren Robson
    Lesser Snow Goose, Lessonhall, Darren Robson
  • February 2012
    Wednesday, 1 February 2012 to Wednesday, 29 February 2012

    Highlights: A Glossy Ibis was photographed in flight near Flookburgh (3rd). A blue morph Lesser Snow Goose accompanied Pink-footed Geese on Newton Marsh (19th). The Great White Egrets remained at Campfield Marsh (all month) and Kents Bank (to 11th).

  • January 2012 Sightings
    Sunday, 1 January 2012 to Tuesday, 31 January 2012

    Highlights: A first-winter Red-breasted Goose, the fourth county record, was a surprise find among the Barnacle Geese at Drumburgh then Cardurnock (22nd) while a blue morph Lesser Snow Goose accompanied Pink-footed Geese at Abbeytown (3rd-6th). The drake Green-winged Teal lingered at Hodbarrow (to 28th) while others appeared at Campfield Marsh (4th) and Siddick Pond (14th). The Great White Egret reappeared at Campfield Marsh (from 14th) while the long-stayer was seen intermittently at Kents Bank (to 14th).