Wetland Bird Survey (Inland)

The following is a list of Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) inland locations, with count status as of August 2019.

Site (WeBS code)Count Status
Abbots Moss (Cumbria) (59073)Counted
Bank End Appleby (59316)Counted
Bassenthwaite Lake (59035)Counted
Black Leases Pond (59089)Counted
Blencarn Lake (59090)Counted
Borwick Fold (58089)Counted
Brackenber Tarn (59014)Counted
Brothers Water (59016)Counted
Buttermere (59033)Counted
Cardew Mires Quarry (59063)Counted
Castle Carrock Reservoir (59151)Counted
Cogra Moss (58084)Counted
Coniston Water (58071)Counted
Crummock Water (59034)Counted
Derwent Water (59031)Counted
Devoke Water (58080)Counted
Elterwater (58076)Vacant
Ennerdale Lake (58081)Counted
Esthwaite Water (58036)Counted
Fisher Tarn (58106)Counted
Grasmere (58075)Counted
Hardendale Quarry (59201)Counted
Haweswater Beck NY503157-518182 (59328)Counted
Haweswater Reservoir (59111)Counted
High Fairbanks (58521)Counted
Holme Dub (59308)Counted
Keekle Flashes (59046)Counted
Kentmere Tarn (58023)Counted
Killington Reservoir (58101)Vacant
Lindskeldfield Pond (59086)Counted
Longlands Lake (59221)Counted
Longtown Ponds - Arthuret Pond (59274)Counted
Longtown Ponds - Crofthead Gravel Pit (59273)Counted
Longtown Ponds - Gretna Road Gravel Pits (59272)Counted
Longtown Ponds - Oakbank Farm Gravel Pits (59271)Counted
Loweswater (59041)Counted
Martin Tarn Oulton (59061)Counted
Mere Tarn (58091)Counted
Mockerkin Tarn (59042)Counted
Moorthwaite Lough (59005)Counted
Ormsgill Reservoir (58191)Counted
Oulton Ponds (59251)Counted
Overwater (59062)Counted
Over Water and Chapelhouse Reservoir (59078)Counted
Pennington Reservoir (58152) (Ulverston)Counted
Poaka Beck Reservoir (58153) (Ulverston)Counted
Ratherheath Tarn (58022)Counted
River Derwent - Bassenthwaite to Isel Bridge [59317]Counted
River Eden - Ormside (59305)Counted
River Eden - Kirkby Thore (59350)Counted
Rivers Eamont and Eden - Honeypot to Edenhall (59370)Counted
River Eden - Little Salkeld (59352)Counted
River Eden - Newby to Scotby (59304)Counted
River Eden - Scotby to Rickerby Rocks (59303)Counted
River Eden - Carlisle to Grinsdale (59319)Counted
River Eden - Grinsdale to Sandsfield (59302)Counted
River Esk - Longtown (59341)Counted
Rydal Water (58026)Counted
Siddick Pond (59051)Counted
Soddy Gap Pools (59083)Counted
Sunbiggin Tarn (59012)Counted
Talkin Tarn (59077)Counted
Tarn House Reservoir (58103)Counted
Tarn House Tarn (59001)Counted
Tarns Dub (59052)Counted
Thaka Flash, Penrith (59318)Counted
Thurstonfield Lough (59066)Counted
Thwaite Flat and Roanhead Ponds (58064) (Dalton-in-Furness)Counted
Tindale Tarn (59081)Counted
Ullswater (59026)Counted
Ulpha Meadows (58302)Counted
Upperby Pond (59004)Counted
Urswick Tarn near Ulverston (58060)


Wastwater (58079)Counted
Watchtree NR, Great Orton (59006)Counted
Wedholme Flow (59306)Counted
Wet Sleddale Reservoir (59101)Counted
Whinfell Tarn (58013)Counted
Whins Pond (59021)Counted
Windermere (58031)Counted
Winter Tarn (59102)Counted
Wyndhammere (58001) (Barbon, Lunesdale)Counted
Angle Tarn (59060)Vacant
Applegarth Pond (58004)Vacant
Ayside Tarns (58048)Vacant
Barfield (58070)Vacant
Barrow Plantation Tarn (58033)Vacant
Baystone Bank (58195)Vacant
Beacon Tarn (58097)Vacant
Bigland Tarn Haverthwaite (58052)Vacant
Birds Park (58105)Vacant
Birkune Tarn (58061)Vacant
Black Beck Tarn (58054)Vacant
Black Moss Tarn (58058)Vacant
Blackesset Plantation (Tarneybank) Tarn (58006)Vacant
Blea Tarn (58042)Vacant
Blea Tarn (58073)Vacant
Blea Tarn (59037)Vacant
Bleawater (59116)Vacant
Blelham Tarn (58038)Vacant
Boretree Tarn (58016)Vacant
Borrans Reservoir (58122)Vacant
Borron Point (70412)Vacant
Bowscale Tarn (59064)Vacant
Boxtree Tarns (58092)Vacant
Braystones Pond (59047)Vacant
Brigham Tarn (59044)Vacant
Burney Tarn (58096)Vacant
Burnmoor Tarn (58044)Vacant
Chapel Hill (58082)Vacant
Chapel House (59140)Vacant
Chapel Rigg Tarn (59013)Vacant
Claife Heights Tarns (58037)Vacant
Clay Dubbs (58010)Vacant
Cleabarrow Tarn (58032)Vacant
Cock Hag Tarn (58018)Vacant
Colthouse Tarns (58024)Vacant
Crofton Lake (59088)Vacant
Cumwhinton Ponds (59071)Vacant
Cunswick Tarn (58012)Vacant
Dallam Est Flight Pond (58056)Vacant
Denton Fell (59082)Vacant
Dock Tarn (59036)Vacant
Drunken Duck Tarn (Barn Gates Tarn) (58039)Vacant
Dubbs Reservoir (58121)Vacant
Easedale Tarn (58078)Vacant
Eel Tarn (58045)Vacant
Eskdale Tarn (58041)Vacant
Eskrigg Tarn (58007)Vacant
Ghyll Head Reservoir (58030)Vacant
Goats Water (58094)Vacant
Goulds Tarn (59087)Vacant
Grassgarth Tarn (58035)Vacant
Grayrigg Tarn (58011)Vacant
Great Green Hows Tarn (58053)Vacant
Great Knott Tarn (58019)Vacant
Green Hows Tarn (58020)Vacant
Greenside Tarn (59011)Vacant
Greystoke Forest Pond (59070)Vacant
Greystoke Tarn (59069)Vacant
Gummers How Three Tarns (58049)Vacant
Gurnall Dubbs (58086)Vacant
Harlock and Poakabeck Resvrs Pennington Barrow-in-Furness (58151)Vacant
Harlock Reservoir (58154)Vacant
Harrop Tarn (59038)Vacant
Haverbrack Pond Milnthorpe (58055)Vacant
Hayeswater (59115)Vacant
Helton Tarn (58051)Vacant
High Corby Wood (59072)Vacant
High Dam (58017)Vacant
High Hey (58014)Vacant
Holme Mill Pool (58057)Vacant
Hood Tarn (58008)Vacant
Kentmere Reservoir (58130)Vacant
Kitmere (58002)Vacant
Knipe Tarn (58034)Vacant
Knottallow Tarn (58099)Vacant
Lilymere (58003)Vacant
Lingbank Pond (59049)Vacant
Little Langdale Tarn (58074)Vacant
Little Water (59030)Vacant
Longtown Ponds - Batenbush Gravel Pits (59275)Vacant
Lots Pond (58069)Vacant
Loughrigg Tarn (58077)Vacant
Low Longmire Tarn (58015)Vacant
Low Water (58095)Vacant
Lowgill Pool (58531)Vacant
Lowther Wildlife Park (59074)Vacant
Lupton Reservoir (58102)Vacant
Mathers Pond (58068)Vacant
Meadley Reservoir (59131)Vacant
Mid Fairbank (Gowan Bank) Tarn and Borwick Fold Tarn (58021)Vacant
Mirehouse Pond (59054)Vacant
Moss Eccles Tarn (58029)Vacant
Moss Pond (59068)Vacant
Mosside Tarn (58088)Vacant
Mutton Hall Pools (58532)Vacant
Naworth Pools (59076)Vacant
Newton Fell Reservoir (58112)Vacant
Out Dubbs Tarn (58025)Vacant
Parkers Pond (58062)Vacant
Parkgate Tarn (58040)Vacant
Podnet Tarn (58085)Vacant
Potter Tarn (58087)Vacant
Priest Pot Tarn (58093)Vacant
Prince Albert Fishing Lake (Bleasgale Hill and Crosslands) (58009)Vacant
River Kent Kendal - 513905-516943 (58320)Vacant
Rossmede Tarn (59085)Vacant
Rowrah Pond (59043)Vacant
Rusland Pool 331838-335896 (58351)Vacant
Salter Hall Pond (59045)Vacant
Sandford Mire (59084)Vacant
Seathwaite Tarn - Duddon Valley (58197)Vacant
Silverhill Pond (59067)Vacant
Simspon Ground Reservoir Newby Bridge (58111)Vacant
Siney Tarn (58043)Vacant
Skeggles Water (58501)Vacant
Skelsmergh Tarn (58059)Vacant
Small Water (59117)Vacant
Soulby Pond (59003)Vacant
Sow How Tarn (58047)Vacant
Standing Tarn (58067)Vacant
Stony Tarn (58046)Vacant
Tarn Hows Tarn (58027)Vacant
Terrybank Tarn (58005)Vacant
Tewet Tarn (59065)Vacant
The Heights (58510)Vacant
Thirlmere (59032)Vacant
Three Dubbs Tarn (58083)Vacant
Tile Kiln Pond (59080)Vacant
Torver Low Common Tarn (58098)Vacant
Underhelm Flood (Natland) (58327)Vacant
Westmorland Wychelm Miln Thorpe Road - Holme (59079)Vacant
Wise Een Tarn (58028)Vacant
Witherslack Hall (58050)Vacant
Yew Tree Tarn (58072)Vacant