Haweswater and Riggindale

April 2016 update: "England’s last remaining golden eagle has failed to appear this spring, leading RSPB staff and volunteers at its Lake District home to fear that it has died."

The male was alone since the female died in 2004. He displayed, particularly in Spring, to mark his territory and attract a female from Scotland.

Haweswater is deep in the hills of eastern lakeland, with a long drive on narrow roads to a car-park that is best reached early if you want a space. Even then it's a moderate walk around the end of the lake to the RSPB observation post in Riggindale.

Species to look out for on the way to the "main attraction" include Wheatear, Raven, Ring Ouzel and Peregrine. The lake itself holds a range of gulls and wildfowl.

Hint: Check the weather forecast. Low cloud can reduce the visibility to the point where you'd be hard pressed to spot a nearby ostrich.

Link: RSPB Haweswater